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Release notes for version 20.08#


Tower 20.08.0 introduces the support for:

  • Pipelines Actions
  • Forge for AWS Batch
  • Execution and task logs view & download
  • Advanced config options for AWS Batch
  • GA4GH WES API (beta)
  • UI looks & feel improvements
  • System security improvements
  • Upgrade Micronaut runtime to 1.3.7

Updating Tower deployment from version 20.06.x to 20.08.x#

This Tower version requires a database schema update. Follow this steps to update your DB instance and the Tower installation.

Kubernetes based deployment#

1. Update the Tower container images in your Kubernetes manifest yaml files to:


Please refer the manifests included in the Kubernetes section for details.

2. Update the Tower cron service using the following:

kubectl apply -f tower-cron.yml


This task will automatically run the Tower database schema update tool.

3. Update the Tower backend and frontend services using the following command:

kubectl apply -f tower-svc.yml

Custom deployment script#

1. Pull or update the Tower container images references in your deployment script(s) to:


2. Update the Tower database schema running the / provided in the backend container.


Make sure to include the identical environment as for the normal backend execution.

3. Once the schema update completes, deploy Tower as usual procedure.


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